Getting Loud

July 05, 2016

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hands in the air at concert

During these late summer months the city of Baton Rouge puts all that extra daylight to good use with invitations to major touring bands and singers. This month they’re scheduled to turn up in several hot venues, and the Crowne Plaza Executive Center is putting together your guide to some great tunes. So, keep the sun’s rays out of your eyes and grab your ticket to a cool seat indoors.

Right from jump street—on August 5th, the classic sounds of Louisiana will fill the Texas Club, courtesy of Travis Matte & the Kingpins and their accordions, guitars, and terrific vocals. The lights go down at 8 o’clock. Landing at the Manship Theatre on August 11th is husband-and-wife Michael and Carissa Alvarado, also known as Us The Duo. Their tender folk pop sound went viral in 2014 thanks to Instagram and Vine, and they’ve acquired millions of fans on Facebook. If you’re not convinced by those statistics (or you’ve already bought their albums), come down to the Manship before 7:30 PM for what promises to be an evening of intimate performances. The Texas Club blips on our entertainment radar again when they bring to the stage American Cajun singer, Wayne Toups, on August 12th, a Grammy Award winner.

Louisiana native and The Voice contestant James Dupré, whose country lyrics will leave you feeling somber, is next in line at this venue. Should you decide to cast your vote for James, the doors to this show swing open at 8:30 PM. Live at the Manship Theatre on August 25th is the edgy sound of country musician Tanya Tucker, a 7:30 PM performance. Can everyone in Louisiana be counted on to rush out for those southern ballads? Those looking for harsher melodies can count on Jon Langston, August 27th at your favorite Texan venue.

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