Work Together to Solve the 13th Gate Escape!

May 11, 2016

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Escape games are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why. Immersing you and your friends in a crazy and suspenseful situation to test your Sherlock Holmes skills and your ability to work together as a team, and of course, there’s the thrill of victory when you beat the puzzle and escape in time! So escape games are already a lot of fun, but even if you’ve played one before, we can bet you’ve never encountered anything quite like 13th Gate Escape, an escape game brought to you by the same minds behind Baton Rouge’s legendary 13th Gate Haunted House. Located less than ten minutes from our Baton Rouge hotel, 13th Gate Escape is made for groups of at least four people, and is great for birthday parties, team-building or just doing something out of the ordinary with your friends. They offer 6 wildly different escape room themes, including being trapped in a well, an abandoned jail cell block, an ancient tomb in a pyramid, and even the secret base of enemy spies. The different themes are rated with difficulty levels including logic, math, how much physical exertion is required and how scary it is, so you and your group can pick the one that will work best for you, whether you want spine-tingling thrills with your clues or a "Mission Impossible"-style adventure. After their experienced and informative staff get you up to speed, you’ll be locked in and the clock will be ticking as you and your friends race against time to escape. After you’ve completed the story and freed yourselves, indulge in some well-earned relaxation back at our Baton Rouge hotel.

Address: 800 St Phillip St, Baton Rouge

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