The Public Art of Baton Rouge

September 12, 2016

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Street Art

Baton Rouge is a bastion for sprawling, colorful art murals, funded in large part by the city’s own Museum of Public Art. The institution aims to document and preserve photographs of Baton Rouge’s artistic legacy before it’s gone.

12th Street & Myrtle Street

A middle-aged man, sporting a superhero’s purple mask, leans over to see just what a colossal upright skunk is doing.

Eddie Robinson & South Boulevard

Confused hands, moving from right to left, become a fist of solidarity when a pair of gleaming handcuffs breaks apart.

12th Street & Myrtle Street

Locally known muralist Hunto reimagines Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece Guernica, updated with a southern color palette.

340 South 14th Street

A young orphan dressed in a camouflage hoodie, her face not visible to us, lies alone on the floor of a leafless autumn forest.

St. Joseph Street & Terrace Street

A businessman in dark sunglasses raises a lit match to the roof of this Baton Rouge home.

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