The Pirate of the Pacific

July 07, 2015

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uss kidd

If you're a history or military buff, or just a big fan of boats, you can't miss the tour of the US Navy destroyer-class ship, the USS KIDD. Located in the heart of Baton Rouge, just ten minutes from our downtown Baton Rouge hotel, the USS KIDD was built in 1943 and these days is permanently moored for visitors to tour and wander through freely. Famous for flying the Jolly Roger on its maiden voyage as a playful homage to the notorious pirate Captain Kidd (this is how it got the "Pirate of the Pacific" nickname), as well as being one of the first Navy ships to have a woman on the crew, the ship has a long and storied history that visitors can experience firsthand, from the massive decks to the cramped sleeping quarters and everything in between. So come and check out this incredible piece of American history.

Address: 305 South River Road, Baton Rouge

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