Outdoor Art

September 03, 2017

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Colorful mural of robots

Baton Rouge has its fair share of museums, but there’s no need to go inside to enjoy stunning art installations. Just check out these spots around the city:

Murals of the Future: In 1998, talented student artists from area middle schools were asked to imagine what the city would look like in the year 2020. You can see their futuristic visions immortalized in several murals along the Riverfront Plaza.
Murals at the Museum of Public Art: Located at the intersection of Myrtle Walk and Eddie Robinson Sr. Drive, this museum is surrounded with murals by internationally renowned artists.
Murals of the Museum of African-American History: Located at 538 South Blvd., this museum’s front entrance is accompanied by a classic Mercedes bus painted in tribute to the Baton Rouge bus boycott of 1953. Beneath the adjacent overpass, you’ll find murals dedicated to enslaved and freed persons of color across the Old South.
Metallic sculptures outside the House of Jamba: Located at 4808 Government St., this artist’s home is the site of some truly dazzling scrap metal creations, including massive birds, seahorses, pachyderms, and even a few extraterrestrials.

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