More About Mardi Gras: The West Baton Rouge Museum

February 05, 2018

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Mardi Gras Indians By J Nash Porter

Whether you’re sampling a sweet slice of multicolored King’s Cake, taking to the streets to cheer on your favorite Krewes, or catching brilliantly-hued ropes of beads – Baton Rouge is the perfect destination for family-friendly, Mardi Gras fun. But, once the parades are over, be sure check out three colorful and fascinating Mardi Gras-related exhibits. First up is “Mardi Gras Indians: By J. Nash Porter.” This show includes color photographs of New Orleans’ historic Mardi Gras Indians. Porter’s work was heavily influenced with the New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians, but his other photographic exhibits include an assortment of African-American jazz and blues musicians.

Next, the “Creoles du Monde” exhibit portrays the rich history and culture of Creole people via photos, paintings, and textiles. Lastly, Baton Rouge artist Marcus Ciko’s work will be the focus of “3-D Beads: A Mardi Gras Art Celebration.” The exhibit will feature Ciko’s unique, three-dimensional flags, costumes, throws, and even football jerseys made from Mardi Gras beads. Both “Mardi Gras Indians: By J. Nash Porter” and “3-D Beads: A Mardi Gras Art Celebration” will be on display through February 25. “Creoles du Monde” is on exhibit until May 6. For details, click here.

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